How I Can Help

Where could you use a confidence boost?

  • You finally got that great promotion?
  • Are you meeting your partner’s family for the first time?
  • Did you just land your dream job?
  • Are you getting (back) into dating?
  • You’re returning to work after a longish absence?

There are many life situations where our appearance can make or break how we feel going into that situation. And the more confidence we have in that first impression that we will make, the more we can make of that opportunity!

My wardrobe analysis is designed to help.

We’ll get together for 90-120 minutes and walk through your current wardrobe with the goal of:

  • pinpointing 2-3 upcoming situations where you want to look your best
  • finding a pulled-together outfit for each those situations
  • identifying any key missing pieces from your wardrobe that you can put on your to-be-purchased list

So let’s say you have just got that big promotion you’ve been working towards for the past year and you’ll be stepping into a people management role for the first time. Some likely scenarios you’ll be stepping into could be:

  • Running a weekly team meeting where you need to be casual (you work for a tech company after all) and yet smart enough to convey the fact that you are the boss now.
  • Giving monthly presentations to your boss and his peers, where you know you need to step up your wardrobe game a little more than a regular workday to improve your credibility.
  • You’ll be heading out of the office several times a quarter to meet with prospective clients on both coasts and need to understand how to dress for YES on the other side of the country!

I will work with you and your wardrobe as it is to find outfits that give you the exact boost you need in all of these situations.

If this sounds like the help that you need then scroll down this page, fill out the simple contact form and let’s get started on getting you Dressing for YES!